Our Commitment

Our Commitment and Policies to You

You are entitled to a meaningful funeral at a price which is affordable to your means.

You are entitled to the finest of funeral or memorial facilities in the county. This will be a safe environment for the care of your loved one, a place of comfort for your emotional needs and a gathering place to share memories. It is a building that is built on sentiment, care and compassion that will never be diminished.

You are entitled to a truly caring staff that is well versed on death and funeral care. We don't practice solely from our intelligence, but always from the heart. We understand the world-turning experience death presents you.

You are entitled to this building as your home. It should be warm, friendly and caring. It should be totally accessible to anyone with physical needs. It should also be designed to be a safe environment for children to participate.

You are entitled to talk to one of us when you telephone this establishment. We will not hire answering services to accept your calls.

You are entitled to free access to this building. Evening hours during visitation, lights are often left on so one can inspect other areas of the building, such as the casket room. The only exceptions are the preparation room where one's mortal remains are safely guarded and other rooms for visitation.

You are entitled to freely share your grief- through tears, laughter or even anger. You are safe to show these emotions for as long as you need with no time hindrances.

You are entitled to be a part of our funeral home family. Just like any family, feel free to ask, to express and to create. Your thoughts are important.

You have the right to request any service that you wish, as long as it is moral, ethical and legal. We truly rarely use the word 'no'. You have the ability to be as creative as you wish or as modest as you want.

You are entitled to share memories over food. We are proud to offer you these facilities for no additional cost, a part of our funeral home we think is important.

You have the guarantee of privacy.

You have the promise we will take care of your loved one the same way we would our own.

You have the ability to share concerns or questions at any time following the funeral service. This means hours, weeks, or years. We do not "terminate" our relations with any family.



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